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Device Repair Services
We offer a wide variety of repairs that are listed below.  The first list are examples of the average cost of repair.  Our prices are very reasonable and we offer a 3 month warranty on our repairs from the day they go into service, and not the day they leave our office.  That is how confident we are in our repairs. Contact us at for more information.  We would be our pleasure to get your device back to you in working order.

Here is a sample of the products we offer:
  • PLC 5 1771-QB modules  Average repair price  $60-$80
  • SLC500 1746-BTM Average repair price $80-100
  • Halliburton MC-II boards  $45-$55
  • Variable DC Drives  Average repair price $80- $120
  • Universal Dynamics Output card  $70 - $100
  • Invalco 4728 BS&W Controller  $60-$100
  • Gaitronics 701 amp $130
  • Vorne and Red Lion Displays $45-60

Repair list
Temperature Averagers                                          `                  
Linco TA500/TA1000                                               

BS+W Devices 
Invalco 4528 Transmitters 
           4728 Controllers
           1728 Monitors
T+J Automation                                                                 
Optimization Equipment                           
Baxley Light Curtain Tmtr and Recr                         
Calibration Equipment
Baxley  QB-100

Gaitronics  958 Tone Generators                                                
                     358 Tone Generators                                                       
                     701 Party/Page Handset Amp      
Including explosion proof                               
Centra-Page  CP II line cards

PLC Cards  
Allen BradleyPLC2/PLC3/PLC5
Input/Output, linear, counters
Analog, Power Supplies
QB Modules

Meter Proving Equipment                                                    
Temperature Controllers                                                                  
Advantage  H/E  Controllers
Barber Coleman

Navigation Equipment
Tidelands TF3B Lamp Changer/Flasher

Power Supplies                                                       
Power One                                                                       
ATX Computer P/S                                                                             
All Open Frame Devices                                                                                                                                       
Flow Computers
Halliburton/Nuflow  MC II

Variable Speed Drives
Graham Transmissions DC Drives
Allen Bradley 1336 drives
Gemini Controls DC Drives
Dart DC Drives
KB Electronics DC Drives
Dayton DC Drives

Automatic LACT Samplers                           
Cliff Mock  CD20 All Voltages
                CD30 All Voltages
I/O cards
Universal Dynamics Input and Output cards

Cyber Tech Standard Microswitch units, JS-2050-HD, JS-500-HD
Cyber Tech Proportional Units JS-500-PRO
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