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8 Point relay card KEDC1224 assembly
8 Point Relay Output Module  KEDC-1224

The KEDC-1224 was designed as a relay controlled indicator unit.  Input is from a magnetic switch mounted near a screw conveyor shaft with a magnet mounted on it.  As the screw turns the magnet passes near the switch which in-turn closes the relay.  The relay in the instance this unit was used to flash a light, so a person monitoring the conveyors can quickly see that all 8 conveyors are running from one place.  The uses for this device are not limited to flashing a light.  They could be connected to a counter, or to a PLC that then notifies someone that a particular conveyor has stopped.  Or you could use the DPDT relay units if you require 2 different outputs from each channel. Our primary need was to provide a cheap reproduce-able control device. 

It is a self contained low voltage device with its own DC power-supply built into the board, so that anybody can mount the device and connect it  This unit is powered with 12VDC, for the relay coils and for the Magnetic switch voltage.  We can supply just the board as shown in the photograph, or mount the unit in a small control cabinet with water-tight cord grips, and all the magnetic switches and magnets. The flexibility of this unit allows us to offer it in 4 different voltages and either a SPST (NO) relay or a DPDT (NO/NC) relay.  

Use the following specifications when ordering a unit. 

KEDC1224-A1 -- 5VDC relays SPST(NO) contact
KEDC1224-A2 -- 5VDC relays DPDT (NO/NC) contact
KEDC1224-B1 -- 12VDC relays SPST(NO) contact
KEDC1224-B2 -- 12VDC relays DPDT (NO/NC) contact
KEDC1224-C1 -- 24VDC relays SPST(NO) contact
KEDC1224-C2 -- 24VDC relays DPDT (NO/NC) contact
KEDC1224-D1 -- 110VAC relays SPST(NO) contact
KEDC1224-D2 -- 110VAC relays DPDT (NO/NC) contact

All Relays are rated as follows  SPST units have 10A contacts
                                              DPDT units have 5A contacts

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