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Magnetic Pickup Cables
As well as other cables Kiwi Electronics manufacture and stock Magnetic pickup cables for flow Computers. If your asking why doesn't show a cable that looks like a 10 foot cable, that is because it isn't.  It is an illustration showing the connector. The connector fits all 3030AN and similar style magnetic pickups Equivalent to the following.  If you have a different size or type of pickup, we can change to plug to what every plug you need. Contact us at for more information

9A-100080050 18" for the HFC-RTD
9A-100005116 12" for MC-II
9A-100005117 10' for remote MC-II

KE-XLPU-1 Long Pickup Cable
Replacement for 9A100005117
Price: $65.00
Replacement for 9A-100080050, and 9A-100005116
Price: $35.00
4' pickup cable
Price: $45.00
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