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KE728 BS+W Monitor

This is a control device that monitors the output of a BS+W Transmitter and will alarm at any given set-point. It has a high powered relay output. If you need any more outputs then we can add a KEDC-1224 8 ch relay card, and use this device to control up to 8 different output devices It also has a 4-20mA output for PLC analog input card. We can mount this in either a plastic watertight case, a metal case or even an explosion proof case, as required.

This unit is powered by either 120VAC or 24VDC. It has a 2 line LCD that shows both the current setpoint and the actual BS&W content. There are 2 LEDs as visual condition indicators. A bi-colored lamp (Green/Orange) indicates whether the current oil is "Good" or "Bad", and the Red lamp indicates whether the oil is in Alarm . An operator adjustable timer on the unit eliminates bad sampling or normal variations that would normally cause the unit to divert. It is adjustable between 0 and 90 Secs. If the Oil goes out of spec and is being diverted then comes back into Specification, the divert alarm will automatically reset itself and switch back at a rate of 10% of the preset timer. For Example if the divert timer is set for 50 sec. and goes into divert, once the oil is "good" again then the divert only remains open for 5 secs. once the good oil lamp comes back on.

This unit can be connected to any BS&W transmitter that produces 0-5VDC output. We also have 0-10VDC or 0-20VDC units. Please specifiy when ordering.

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