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Position Calibration Interface device. This device will interface between a PLC and a Hydraulic unit. It allows the operator or electrical technician to check stop points and limit switches check for movement of a device and just about anything to do with motion control, by manually controlling the signal that is sent to the Proportional valve and Temposonic probe for feedback. It allows the operator to fault check a system without having to alter settings within a PLC program.

These units are installed in between the PLC and the Hydraulics. It can be installed with only a couple of additions to the PLC code. Apart from the wiring from the PLC Positioning card the POZKEL requires 2 DC inputs for the Auto/Man switch and the Reset button and 2 outputs for fault and in-position indication per channel. But if card space is critical then the bare minimum would be the three DC inputs, The Velocity control has a notch at "zero", which where the device has to be set prior to being returned to PLC (Automatic) control.

These units are easy to connected to the PLC device using the supplied DB25 pin cable, color coded to be hooked up according to the chart provided. We have successfully connected these units to both Allen Bradley 1794-HYD, and Delta RMC units. If you are using a different PLC device we would be happy to provide you with a hook-up chart for whatever device you plan to use the POZKEL with.

The devices come with 2 LED displays showing the return voltage from the probes. They are usually supplied with blue LED displays, but we have supplied Red or Green displays. there is also a Bi-colored LED to indicate direction of the device.

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