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We stock the following battery packs and usually keep a stock 10-15 of them on the shelf If you need a larger quantity, or want to ship them just about anywhere in the world, get in touch with us and we will provide a quote including shipping to your destination.

We can make any Battery pack to order. Send us a sample and we will make a duplicate of what you have, and give you a great price.

To purchase the batteries listed below.

Battery purchases are processed through Square or Paypal. Contact us at and we will send you an invoice through Square, where you can pay with your credit card. We can calculate the shipping cost at that time to your location

Email us for more information, on shipping details or a specification sheet to

HBT-001. 9A-100005111

HBT-001 is our 3.6VDC Lithium Battery unit. This unit is a direct replacement for the Cameron 9A-100005111 battery pack fitted with the 80mA limiting resistor, suitable for MC-II, MC-III EXP Halliburton, Nuflo, Cameron Flow Computers. It has a 4 pin polarized flat connector and will fit all Nuflo MC-II boards

HBT-002 9A-36099004

HBT-002 is our 7.2VDC Lithium Battery pack. This unit is a direct replacement for the Cameron 9A-36099004 battery pack, suitable for Scanner 2000 Halliburton/Nuflo/Cameron Flow Computers. It is fitted with a Current limiter resistor and diode, and it has a 4 pin polarized flat connector.


KE-XYZ is our 3.6VDC Lithium battery that is a direct replacement for the PLC 5 1770-XYC battery unit used for battery backup on the PLC 5/30 Processor units. It has the Polarized 2 pin connector that snaps into place.


This our direct replacement for the E3-2001 battery unit that is used in Dynapar YZ samplers. It is a 12VDC battery unit fitted with the circuit protection, like the original. It is an identical unit, with the polarized 2 pin connector.


This is the direct replacement for the Calscan Hawk9000 data recorder. These units are the dual "C" cell with fuse protection fitted. We can also make to order the "A" battery pack


This is a direct replacement for the Panasonic BR-E3 6VDC battery unit for the Telemechanique Modicon Magelis CPU battery.

HBT-001 replacement for 9A-100005111

HBT-002 replacement for 9A-36099004 Battery unit

KE-XYZ direct replacement for 1770-XYC battery unit

Direct replacement for the E3-2001 battery in Dynapar YZ Samplers

Replacement battery for the Calscan HAWK9000 unit

Replacement Battery for the

Telemechanique Modicon Magelis CPU Backup battery

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